Duo WiFi & POE


NAVIGATION:  Settings (gear icon), Display , Quality.

Like most Reolink cameras, the Duo models have two image "quality" settings (aka "resolution"). 

It is important to understand that the camera will always save both versions of each video clip (one low resolution copy and one high resolution copy) using whatever the current settings are for low and high resolution. And, you, the owner, can also view live video from the camera as either fluent quality, clear quality or an in-between quality they call "balanced".

The three parameters listed below determine the quality for fluent and clear:

It is also important to understand that, although the camera owner can playback either version of a video clip, only the low resolution video clip can be sent to AwareNet.

Quality page

Navigate to the Settings page for your camera and click Display, then click Quality.

Important. Configure both the Fluent (low) and Clear (high) quality settings to the maximum values available (the Clear and Fluent values shown in this screenshot are for the original Duo so the values you see for your camera may be different).

Note:  Any change to the quality settings affects both cameras on the Duo (you do not need to set the quality for each camera separately).