Reolink Email Setup

(for automatically sending alert emails from your camera to AwareNet)

Below are the steps for configuring your Reolink camera to send alert emails to AwareNet.

Before starting these steps, please complete the basic setup and configuration of your camera by following the manufacturer's instructions included with your camera (every make and model is different).  

The steps listed below are for the Reolink Duo 2 WiFi as of June 2024.  The steps should be similar for any Reolink camera.

The email setup is critical to do!  Please contact us if you need assistance.

Step 1 - Create a free Gmail account.

Using an existing email account, even if it is a Gmail account, can be significantly less reliable. So we recommend each camera owner create a new, free Gmail account, specifically for sending email alerts to AwareNet. You can use any Gmail address that is available, but we recommend using some combination of your street number and street name (e.g.

You can create a free, new Gmail account at:

Note:  You don't need to enter your real birthdate, but be sure the date is more than 18 years in the past!

When you have created the new Gmail account, return here for Step 2.

Step 2 - Create An Application Password

Email services (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) require you to enter a password to send email alerts from a smartphone app.  However, for security reasons, they typically require you to create a special "application password" (aka "secure mail key") and use the application password in the smartphone app instead of your regular email password.  

Please follow these instructions for creating an application password for your new Gmail account and then return here (for step 3) when you have that new password. 

The following steps are to be done in the Reolink smartphone app.

Step 3 - Click Setup

On the home/main page, click the setup (gear) icon for your camera.  The icon is also available in the upper right corner if you have already selected to view a specific camera.

Step 4 - Click Email Alerts

On the Settings page, click the "Email Alerts" option.

Step 5 - Get to Email Settings

Click through any messages that display until you get to a page titled "Email Settings".

Step 6 - Enter Information

On the Email Settings page, enter the email settings for the sending email account. 

Step 7 - Confirmation

The "test email" confirmation will display if you entered a valid email account and application password.  Otherwise, an error will display.
When you get the confirmation window, click the Close button.

Step 8 - Click Schedule

On the Email Alerts page, click the "Schedule" option.

Step 9 - Set Schedule

On the Schedule page, change the schedule to look like this.

Step 10 - Email Content

 On the Email Alerts page, change the Email Content option to "Text with Video".

Step 11 - Email Interval

On the Email Alerts page, change the Email Interval option to "30 Seconds".

Step 12 - Email Recipient

Go back to the "Email Settings" option.  The recipient email address defaults to the same address as the sending address.   Change (or add) the recipient email address to the value appropriate for your neighborhood:  

You have completed the email setup!

Now you are ready to enroll your camera with AwareNet.