Getting Started

Follow these steps to get your camera working with AwareNet:

  1. Verify your camera works with AwareNet or purchase one that is.

  2. Important: Complete the basic configuration and setup for your camera by following the Reolink Quick Start Guide included with your camera before doing the physical installation of the camera. This includes configuring the camera to use your WiFi. [10 - 15 minutes]
    Be sure to install the data card in the camera at this step. If you do not see a prompt on the smartphone app to format the data card, click on the picture/name of the camera at the top of the main Settings page, then click "Storage", then click "Format".

You can do the physical installation of your camera now or wait until after Step 5.

  1. Complete the email setup for your camera so your camera will send email alerts to AwareNet. [10-20 minutes]

  2. Complete the configuration steps to optimize your specific camera model. [10-15 minutes]

  3. Enroll your camera with AwareNet so AwareNet will recognize the email alerts from your camera. [5 minutes]

You can do the physical installation of your camera now (if you didn't do it after Step 2).

See the FAQ for answers to many commonly asked questions.