Camera Location

After you have completed the Getting Started steps, you are ready to physically install/mount your camera in the desired location. Here are some tips:

  • Battery-powered cameras (like the Reolink Argus 3 Pro) typically have a maximum range of 25-30 feet for sensing motion (they use "passive infrared" sensors).
    So we
    recommend placing this type of camera as close as possible to the street or alley (an adjacent pole, tree or garage).

  • Outlet-powered cameras and power-over-ethernet cameras typically have a longer maximum range (30-60 feet, or more) for sensing motion (they use software to "see" changes in the picture).
    So we recommend placing this type of camera on an exterior wall of your house or garage.

  • Generally, cameras sense objects moving side-to-side in the field of view better than objects moving straight towards or away from the camera.
    So for all cameras, we recommend pointing the camera roughly perpendicular to the street or alley (straight across to the other side).

  • For all cameras, we recommend placing them approximately 10 feet above the street or alley. Each situation is unique, but generally, higher than 15 feet will likely reduce the capability of the camera.

  • NOTE: For Reolink cameras, the mounting screws they include are adequate for drywall or other light-weight material, but you will snap off the screw heads if you use them for wood without drilling a proper pilot hole.

  • Having at least one street camera per block is the goal. Depending on the distance of the camera from the street, or for wide streets, it may be best to have one camera on each side of the street. Having at least one alley camera per block would complete the coverage.