What if
you had a neighborhood watch program
where residents on every block
sat on their front porch

from dusk till dawn, 

every night of the week

all year long?

Introducing AwareNet ...

Every day, there are new postings on social media about thieves walking the streets and alleys of our neighborhood, stealing from our vehicles, yards, garages and sheds.  They continue block-to-block for as long as they like, taking whatever they can, and often doing costly damage along the way.

Telling your neighbors about it the morning after can be helpful, but what if you could actually help stop them as it happens?  What if you could immediately alert someone  when they start the criminal activity in the middle of the night?


AwareNet makes it possible ...

All modern security cameras can record video when they sense motion. The newest cameras attempt to identify whether the motion is a person, a vehicle or something else. Until recently cameras with this feature cost  thousands per camera. Now, many of these cameras are much more affordable - less than $250 each (the Reolink Duo 2 WiFi is only $160).

When combined with real-time alerts, these “artificial intelligence” cameras are designed to notify you only when it’s important (e.g. a person waking down the middle of your street at 2am in the morning). The problem is, YOU still have to wake up when your phone beeps and verify whether the motion is something to get up for or to alert someone else about.

What if you could automatically forward that camera alert to someone else, someone who could immediately review the video for you and decide whether to call the police?

AwareNet makes it possible!

It’s like having a home security system for your neighborhood.

AwareNet is designed to automatically consolidate real-time alerts from outdoor, resident-owned (or business-owned) security cameras throughout your neighborhood and automatically notify designated persons (e.g. safety committee volunteers or a professional security guard) to review the event information and take action as appropriate.

Please see the Feature Summary or the FAQ page for answers to many questions.